YYW Series Horizontal Centrifugal Pump

YYW Series Horizontal Centrifugal Pump


The YYW single-stage end-suction horizontal centrifugal pump is designed by improving the design of the YYG series vertical centrifugal pump. It features similar parameters as the YYG series and is made strictly according to ISO 2858 requirements. There are following types in YYG series lineup: basic type, flow-expansion type, A, B, C cutting type, etc. with over 250 configurations. The flow range is 1.5 – 2400 m3/h and head range is 8 – 150 м.

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Product: YYW Series Horizontal Centrifugal Pump

Product description


  • Max. operating pressure of pump system is 1.6 MPa, meaning the pressure at the suction + the stroke = 1.6 Mpa, the pressure in static tests is 2.5 MPa. When ordering, please state the operating pressure for the system, as for pressure over 1.6 MPa , a cast steel material for the overflow and joint parts must be used.
  • Proper medium: the medium for pure water pumps should have no corosive liquid, the content of solid particles must not exceed 0.1 % of the unit volume and the size of particle must be less than 0.2 mm. When ordering, please notify if the medium to be used will contain small particles.
  • Must not be used in environments with temperature exceeding 40 °С, or located higher than 1000 m above the sea level. Maximum relative humidity – 95 %.


  • Integral horizontal structure, compact, attractive design. Space-saving design allows for up to 30 % less occupied space than ordinary pumps.
  • Stable operation, low noise, high concentricity of components. By implementing direct joint of the engine and the pump the design becomes considerably simpler thus increasing stability of operation. Well balanced impeller provides absence of vibration at operation of the pump.
  • No leakage. The shaft is mechanically sealed with carbide alloy durable material, preventing serious leakages, extending the service life and ensuring the workplace is clean.
  • Easy to maintain. No need to remove the pipeline for servicing, thanks to the back-door structure.
  • Viewing from the inlet of the pump, its outlet can be mounted in one of three ways: horizontally leftward, vertically upward, and horizontally rightward.


YYG type centrifugal pump's main application is transport of clear water and liquids with similar physical characteristics, with medium temperatures below 80 °С. It is currently widely used for industrial and city water supply and drainage, water pressure boost in tall buildings, garden irrigation, firefighter pressure boost, long distance water supply, heating, cold-hot water circulation and boost in bathrooms etc.



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