D Series Multistage Centrifugal Blower

D Series Multistage Centrifugal Blower


Major purpose

Multistage centrifugal blower is widely applied in sewage disposal, chemical industry, for smelt, coal concentrate, convey and other special gases.


  • Inlet airflow: 20 – 250 m3/min
  • Discharge pressure: 1000 – 10000 mm H2O
  • Cooling water pressure: 0.1Mpa
  • Cooling water: 5 L/min

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Product: D Series Multistage Centrifugal Blower

Product description

Product features

  • Compact design, high stability, easy maintenance.
  • Smooth operation: optimized impeller with high efficiency, that can maximally reduce axial force for smooth operation, also the amplitude is less than 0.04 mm, so there is no need for any additional shock absorption device.
  • Low noise: there is no mechanical friction during the operation. A linetype impeller is featured, for maximum noise reduction. The blower only generates high frequency noise, so just a screen is enough to prevent almost all the noise, from getting into the blower room.
  • No oil: the bearing is lubricated with oil, it's lifecycle reaches two years. No oil mixes into discharge airflow during the operation.
  • Impeller: A special composite linetype impeller is featured, that can reduce inner leakages and improve the cubage efficiency.
  • Easy adjustments: the blower uses inlet side butterfly valve for adjusting the airflow and outlet side butterfly valve for adjusting the pressure.
  • Drive mode: the blower uses two-pole asynchronism motor. You can use motors with different voltage according to you local electric network.
  • Seal: besides a mouth ring of each impeller, there are labyrinth seals installed between impeller and each side of the cylinder to prevent air leakage.
  • Cooling: features a water cooling system in the bearing housing to pronlong the bearing's life.
  • Temperature alarm for bearing: the blower is equipped with temperature control box, it uses PT100 device to monitor the temperature, when the temperature exceeds nominal, the box will automatically trigger the alarm.
  • Transmission method: the blower features direct connection, you can choose different transmission types, depending on device and craft used.



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